About Us

True by Q Collection is a skincare brand for women and men created in 2020.  Working a full time job and being a single parent I always felt it was important to take some time for myself and provide self care, self love. Having soft glowing skin always made me feel beautiful so I always pamper my body at least twice a week. I went through a lot of changes in life, so it was important to find products that I could rely on. After trying many products and not quite finding what I needed for my skin type I only ended up with numerous jars of product and a lot of money spent. Either the products were not exfoliating my skin properly or was too harsh for my skin. Looking for the right product took some time, but I was finally able to create a recipe that made my skin feel soft and refreshing.

Being able to confidently offer a moisturizing and indulgent product lets me know all the hard work put into my brand is worth the healthy glowing skin my customers will grow to love.

How will you show off your skin once it’s been pampered with True by Q?